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What are bots developed for?

When it comes to running different kinds of activities on the net simultaneously here is the time for bots usage. Making use of robots becomes almost inevitable nowadays. If you are looking for the opportune moment to accelerate your activity or ensure the channel promotion by using the best solutions, then our Telegram bots will be suitable in your case.

We are talking about artificial intelligence systems that act like a real user and often even replace traditional personnel.

It only takes you to specify the preferences to your future bot functionality, and our team of dedicated professionals will do the whole work. We are always here to give you a hand, regardless of the purpose you set since it aims at simplifying everyday work.

Depending on the goals you are looking to reach, we create a range of bots from traditional notification systems or chats to workflow tracking software!

  • Track the package
  • Upload files to the cloud
  • In-built customer support
  • Create notifications and reminders
  • Send alerts to a group of people
  • Translate texts and check their correctness
  • Manage your everyday tasks

Reasons to choose our bot plans

  • We assist you in making Telegram usage comfortable and time-effective, paying attention on the features you personally need.
  • We free up your time for other things - like building personal brands, its promotion and take time for vacations as well!
  • We develop the system to correspond your individual purposes; we never install the same soft to all customers. It is unacceptable for us. All the orders are done separately and individually.
  • We create bots with any degree of complexity, from the simplest ones to difficult multitask projects.
  • We guarantee your benefit from working with us. If you have any idea that was not implemented before – let’s talk about that and we do our best to correspond your expectations.
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Saving your time means efficiency in every detail

Decide which bot you are interested in, add features you want to be implemented, describe how you want it to work – and we will create this for you.

Aside from professionals, our bots have become important for individual users and Telegram beginners. If you are a blogger looking for regular visitors and traffic monetization opportunities – we can help you too! Now there is no additional hassle.

Everything becomes possible when software set right to your lifestyle. For example, our system will interact with people on your behalf like a salesperson; send notifications, invitations or even congratulations to your community. What is more, it may work like a lead generator or automatic live support that resolves issues 24/7. There will be a range of other assisting tools inside to make things simplified.

Sticker development is another form of activity that makes Oldix Group KFT stand out in the competition. Moving images make a difference, and we can be proud of the array of options to choose from. Our team is glad to share the most sincere feelings with you.

Sounds great?

It looks even more exciting in real life.

Your price will be calculated when order details are discussed. As low as 199 EUR per bot! Reach out to know which discounts and special proposals we have right now!

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